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Ammo and Activism - The only Votes which Count

I regret the late introduction, boys and girls. I was keen to find and see this journal when it first came to my attention. It is surprisingly hard to find serious activists against the twin pillars of the Democrats and Republicans (including the assorted lackies attached to both). A revolution against this entanglement of paper-trails and lies must be on the cutting edge, geared entirely and unshakeably towards cutting deep into the future. Hopefully, all of you are prepared for this, at least in some basic form.

This is your chance, my fellow resisters, to make a change, and become part of the great things which shall replace the shattered societies of today.

Whilst many of the associated doctrines in activism against the enemy contain the best intentions, the ideologies themselves are mired in the past and have found little in the way of adaption to the particulars of the 21st Century.

We should all be active - wheresoever we can be - in as many LJ communities, websites, debates, marches, projects, protests, grassroots initiatives and direct actions as is possible. For us to make any change at all, we must do it now, and must do so with all the skill and fervour we can muster, for we can stall no later - we must make our big push now. Either we shall succeed entirely or fail entirely - nowhere in-between - and we cannot simply accept the defeat sitting down. Our societies, our planet and our very survival depend upon it.

Thank you for reading this.

Until the next time,

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