Me (benkilpatrick) wrote in v0tewithabullet,

If you plan on voting for Kerry...

Ask yourself this:

"If, after Kerry wins, will I be able to look the next person from the Middle East I see in the eyes, and tell him with a straight face that I thought Kerry was opposed to the war?"

"Look, I hate to be so bitter about it, but can anyone really blame me for being a little, uh, cranky. After all, here we are faced with a "choice" of war criminals this November, one whose atrocities are in the past and another whose crimes are more recent. We can vote for a paranoid depressive with a megalomaniacal foreign policy, or for a megalomaniac with a history of violence and unmitigated narcissism."

This is a personal aside to those who think Kerry is opposed to the war: What the fuck are you smoking? Not to be rude, but the man has stated over, and over, and over again that his only conflict with Bush is the way in which Bush manages the Empire.

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does anyone still honestly believe in kerry? isnt it obvious that he is just another head on the body of the beast that is America these days. Bush and Kerry were in the same goddamn secret society in Yale. these guys are fucking brothers in their warped minds. they should just shake hands and call the election now, it doesn't matter who wins, we're fucked either damn way.


October 8 2004, 01:13:32 UTC 13 years ago

you're an idiot
he'll support the war then oppose it then support it again
just to get your vote