Carrying My Ashes to the Mountain (benkilpatrick) wrote in v0tewithabullet,
Carrying My Ashes to the Mountain

More Filthy Lies...

"The remarks of these two persons are the product of either ignorance or deliberate fabrication. This remark—"I don't know what Mises said about this matter"—indicates that these two persons are engaging in idle speculation based on second hand rumors.

This is the sort of ‘argumentation’ that socialists are currently reduced to. With the collapse of the Old Soviet-type systems and widespread failure of western welfare/regulatory states, the left has taken to recasting the pro-free market position as a pro-interventionist position based on ideology, rather than science.

This is absurd, but what else can they do? They worship the state and wish it to expand greatly, but face an obstacle in trying to argue against ‘Free Marketeers’ who can point to a vast number of interventionist failures of the past. How can socialists argue against this? Direct argumentation is out of the question, so the only choices that socialist ideologues have are to admit that they are wrong or to place the burden of defending government failures on advocates of ending government intervention.

The illogic of the latter course of action is obvious, but if such persons were thinking logically, they would find their own opinions indefensible. The opinions of Doszyn and Albert demonstrate just how weak the case against Austrian economics really is."
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